For World Wildlife Day (3 March 2021) the Voice for the Planetcoalition (which includes the WWF, World Economic Forum, UNICEF, Conservation International, Earth Hour, and The Nature Conservancy) is organising a social media stunt encouraging companies, NGOs and sports teams to remove nature from their branding for a day. 

This day of action aims to highlight the dramatic loss of biodiversity globally and the social and economical risks that it poses.


How do I get involved

Primary action:

Take part on the day by removing the nature out of your logo/badge on the profile images across your social channels on World Wildlife Day (3 March 2021). 

This can include anything from the natural world including plants, trees, water, and animals.

Secondary action:

Publish a post on your social channels drawing attention to the temporary changes to your logo, explaining why you're taking part to raise awareness of nature loss.

The example (right) demonstrates how this may look on  @WWF’s Twitter channel on the day.



Confirmed partipants include

BrewDog, Hootsuite, The Nature Conservancy, IUCN, PG Tips, AS Roma FC, RSPB, Salesforce, Salford FC, Sunderland FC, Watford FC, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and many more

Don't Forget

#WorldWithoutNature is happening on 3rd March 2021.
Add a reminder to your calendar today.

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