The science is clear, and awareness has never been higher. We know we must change the way we live if we are to sustain life on Earth. Many of us are playing our part in living more sustainable lives - whether by choosing reusable alternatives to plastic, sustainable foods, or recycling our waste.
It's time that businesses the world over stepped up to the challenge and do their part in restoring nature and reversing it's decline. Change at this large scale is necessary and is in everyone's best interests. Nature provides invaluable resources to our economies; without it, businesses wouldn't survive. 



Your voice is powerful, and matters.
Use it to the best of your abilities to demand for sustainable products from your favourite companies. 


  • Research your favourite companies to find out their sustainability initiatives. If you can't find any, write to them, urging them to start.
  • Find eco-friendly alternatives to products that damage the environment. Try reusable diapers and menstrual products, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, metal straws, or bamboo toothbrushes
  • Share your findings with your social circles, and spread the word
  • Add your voice to call for urgent action for the planet:






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