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For Nature
For Us

Nature is being devastated and we are all suffering because of it.

COVID-19 is not an isolated event, it will happen again unless our world leaders take clear steps to immediately fix our relationship with nature. As people in power continue to exploit our planet in unsustainable ways, we will pay the price in the loss of lives, jobs and economic stability. Science clearly shows that we need to act urgently to better protect and conserve nature, both as a safety net for affected communities and as one of our strongest allies against future zoonotic outbreaks.

The good news is that we know the solutions and they are far cheaper than the cost of inaction. It only requires the political will to act.

Join us in calling our leaders to listen to the scientific community, and health and environmental experts around the world. We need them to take immediate action to ensure they set nature on the path to recovery and protect us from future pandemics.

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The facts are straightforward, COVID-19 is the latest in a long line of deadly diseases, which have jumped from animals to people. As natural environments become increasingly fragmented or destroyed, and illegal and unregulated wildlife trade remains rampant, the risk of people being exposed to disease increases significantly.

The data shows the alarming rate at which nature is disappearing, including 178 million hectares of forest having been cleared since 1990--that’s the equivalent of the 18th largest country in the world vanishing in just 30 years. Much of this is driven by an unsustainable food system.

This is not done out of necessity, it is done because of bad decision making. In spite of a global hunger crisis, we already produce enough food for everyone in the world to eat healthy and sustainable diets.

Let’s not sacrifice our planet and our lives to poor decision making.

Almost all aspects of human health and wellbeing depend on nature so governments need to see nature as essential for our shared prosperity. We are therefore calling our leaders to implement a One Health approach in which nature and human health are linked together to achieve life saving outcomes.

Together we can be heard. Together, we will secure a new deal for nature and people.

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Pressures on nature increase the risk of pandemics such as #COVID19. Join me in calling leaders to redefine our relationship with nature to protect people & planet.
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