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Humanity's broken relationship with nature comes with a cost. That cost has revealed itself in terrible ways. Loss of lives, loss of jobs, and a shock to our global economy.

This pandemic joins a long list of emerging diseases that will continue to undermine global stability unless we fix our relationship with nature.

Together we can ensure the response to this global emergency makes our planet and our communities stronger.

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Pressures on nature increase the risk of pandemics such as #COVID19. We must redefine our relationship with nature to protect people & planet. Leaders must take action in response to this crisis

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COVID-19 may be just one of the many deadly pandemics within our lifetime

Increasing pressures on nature from wildlife exploitation and our unsustainable food systems increase the likelihood of future pandemics. We do not know where the next new disease will emerge or how many people it will affect, but the risk of a new zoonotic disease emerging in the future is higher than ever. This is the result of years of failed policies and political inaction.

We need action

Now is the time for urgent action to build a safer future for people and the planet.

We need to challenge governments to align the global response to this crisis and build back better by:

  • Tackling the direct environmental drivers of increased pandemic risk, including combating wildlife trafficking and halting the high-risk wildlife trade, as well as eliminating deforestation and conversion from agricultural supply chains.
  • Supporting vulnerable communities affected by this crisis.
  • Designing economic stimulus packages that ensure green and just recovery and increase investment in sustainable business models.
  • Taking transformative decisions to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, including agreeing an ambitious post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • Ensuring that a One Health approach - linking the health of humans, animals and our shared environment - is strengthened and integrated in relevant decision-making processes.

Protecting people from threats posed by zoonotic diseases requires us to protect the wellbeing of our planet. We must secure a New Deal for Nature and People that sets nature on the path to recovery by 2030 and safeguards human health and livelihoods in the long-term.

Thank you for speaking out

Thank you for adding your voice! Together we can ensure that by taking a collective action we will build a safer future for people and the planet!

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